5 Reasons to Love Hoodies

Revolution Shirts - 5 Reasons to Love Hoodies


Aside from custom T-shirts, Revolution Shirts also offers quality hoodies in different colours and styles. We also provide screen printing services that are ideal for customising purposes.  Here are some reasons why people love to wear hoodies:

1. Warmth

Hoodies are warmer so they are perfect for the winter months. Rotate them with custom t-shirts for a year round branding solution.

2. Comfort

Hoodies are snug, allowing us to fulfil the various activities of the day in comfort. Made from cotton, which is a breathable fabric, hoodies afford the perfect solution for busy environments.

3. Versatility

They are so, so versatile; you can pair them with almost anything!

4. Style

Hoodies are available in many styles and colours to fit everyone’s preferences. They are easy to personalise, providing a perfect branding opportunity – you can choose from standard designs to full zip, contrast, ladies fitted, sleeveless and fashion styles.

5. Custom Design

Just like custom t-shirts, you can also design, print or embroider your hoodies with your specific designs.

What more could you possibly ask for…?  Hoodies are the comfortable clothing option that just keeps on giving!