Benefits of Embroidered Polo Shirts to Your Company

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Embroidery is the traditional method of customising apparel. It used to be applied by hand but due to technological advancements, embroidered designs can now be added by larger machines.

Did you know that embroidery is one of the most preferred branding methods for corporate workwear? Any logo design will instantly become more noticeable as embroidery adds dimension to any type of clothing.


The Benefits of Embroidered Polo Shirts to Your Company


1.    Professional Appearance

Demonstrating a united front, smart uniforms can create an image worthy of your company reputation; embroidered polo shirts communicate a level of professionalism.

Investing in quality custom embroidered polo shirts will also help to establish a positive impression with your customers, sending a resounding message to the greater public and further increasing sales.


2.    Identity

Identity is very important to any kind of business. Embroidered polo shirts provide your employees with a strong sense of identity; outside the company they create public awareness, providing an effective advertising medium to promote your brand or services. Perfect for adding the individual names of each employee, this creates a more personal approach with the client… and you need never forget the names of your colleagues anymore!


3.    Improved Employee Morale

Employees feel they are part of a team which inspires them to cooperate with one another; embroidered polo shirts see everyone on the same level, reducing the tensions felt by employees serving in positions of different authority. You can also increase the investment in your responsible and hard-working employees by providing them with quality work uniforms.

Since embroidered uniforms show a unified image, employees will tend to reflect the company image by becoming more responsible and aware of their words and actions.

4.    Long-Lasting

We spend a good deal of our time at work, so it stands to reason that our workwear will need laundering on a regular basis; embroidered polo shirts can withstand repeated washing. This also means greater value for money, as the company won’t have splash out on new uniforms all the time.


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  1. The business I work for has been considering hiring a professional embroidery service that will be able to put our logo on our shirts. So I like how you discuss that this logo can actually provide some advertising for when your employees wear their shirts outside of the company. I will be sure to let them know that if they hire an embroidery service, we will also feel like we have a strong identity within the company.

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