Corporate gifts at Christmas

Personalised corporate gifts from Revolution

As the first person to give corporate gifts, Jasper Freemont Meek hit upon the idea in 1886 when his newspaper’s printing press was left idle between editions. Meek approached his retailer friend with the idea of printing his business’s name (Cantwell Shoes) on free book bags for children – so the message would be seen all over town.

Of course, corporate gifts have come a long way since then. In the late 1950s the promotional merchandise industry started to take off in a big way. By the 1970s, an increasing number of companies gave presents emblazoned with their own logo to employees, suppliers and clients.

Customised pen from Revolution for corporate gifts Red mug with white print for corporate gifts USB sticks customised with a printed logo for corporate giftsWristbands customised with a printed logo

Spread a little Christmas cheer

The benefits of giving corporate gifts at Christmas are plentiful. Apart from it being a pleasant gesture during the season of goodwill, the use of corporate merchandise can help motivate staff and reward loyal customers – while reaching out to new ones.

Rather than just sending emails or messages on social media channels, a corporate gift can make you stand out from the crowd by reinforcing your brand identity. Of course, choosing the right gift is crucial.

Invest time and resources into buying suitable gifts that reflect your brand in a positive way, serving as a thoughtful reward for each recipient. Target your gifts effectively, choosing a gift that can be used regularly; with a suitable area for your logo and contact details.

The importance of function

Buying functional gifts is important. An item that can be used regularly will give a constant reminder of your company. Bearing this in mind, the best type of corporate Christmas gifts can include:

  • Promotional pens:¬†These are very popular, functional gifts that can be used by everyone including employees, suppliers and customers; keeping your brand on show on everyone’s desk.
  • Mugs: Most workplaces are dependent on the steady flow of beverages throughout the day. There’s surely no better way of making sure your brand and contact details are noticed.
  • USB sticks: Have them printed with your company’s logo, business slogan and contact information. You can even have customisation services such as USB data pre-loading.
  • Silicone wristbands: Increasingly popular in recent years, they are ideal for charities, awareness campaigns, events and much more.

Bulk purchases of Christmas corporate gifts are not only a cost-effective way of spreading some goodwill; they are also a very efficient means of keeping your brand in the limelight long after the festive season has come to an end.

Where can I get these corporate gifts?

Revolution offer a full range of products suitable for customising as corporate gifts. We offer pens, mugs, USB sticks, wristbands and much more. Click here to find out more.