Embroidered Workwear

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric, using thread to apply the image. This technique has been used for centuries as a way of embellishing clothing and furniture. However, since the mechanisation of this technique, companies have utilised embroidery for marketing and branding purposes. By choosing embroidery over other applications, you can often achieve a more professional looking item of clothing. Here are some of the many benefits to investing in embroidered company garments:

Hard Wearing:

One of the main benefits of embroidery is that it is very hard wearing when applied correctly. Unlike some transfers, embroidery will be impervious to the washing machine and will not fade in colour or distort in shape.

Expensive Appearance:

Embroidery has an expensive appearance, despite costing less than you may think. Typically, embroidery is only a small amount more expensive than transfers, however, the intricate thread patterns cause it to appear as more of a luxury appointment. As a result, embroidered shirts are perfect if you are wanting your employees to appear as professional as possible. 


Branded company garments often give staff a sense of community due to the fact that wearing the same logo helps with staff cohesion. As a result, company shirts may help to improve the productivity of your business. What’s more, the appearance of togetherness that branded shirts convey is attractive to customers and will help to present your business as competent and professional. 

At RevolutionShirts, we offer embroidery on a rage of garments. In addition to this, our artwork team can aid with the designing and can answer any application questions that you may have.

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