Leavers Hoodies – The Perfect Keepsake

Leavers Hoodies
Leaving college or university is an unforgettable event by anyone’s standards – Leavers Hoodies mark the end of a very special era. Here are some other reasons why they should be included in your wardrobe:

1.   They are easy and fun to design

Leavers Hoodies can be designed to suit.  Schools and universities usually include the relevant year and logos can be screen printed, transfer printed or embroidered to complete the perfect Leavers Hoodies message – choose from small or large prints, to include nicknames or personalised messages… anything you want!


2.  They are fashionable and trendy

Did you know that hoodies actually became a fashion statement in the 1990’s? At the time, fashion lines offered different styles, with many high-profile designers embracing and glamorising their versatility. Big names in the fashion industry like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger also started to create their own styles as part of their collections. Leavers Hoodies are available in a choice of sizes, styles and colours.

As a timeless fashion piece, they can be worn with any apparel – you can pair them with jeans, shorts, custom t-shirts, trousers, etc.


3.   They keep you warm

Originally designed for workers that had to contend with colder working conditions, these garments are perfect to snuggle into in the winter months. Comfortable and fun to wear, Leavers Hoodies are available in a plethora of warm and vibrant colours, bringing the sunshine into your life whatever the time of year.


4.  They can be considered as promotional clothing

Leavers Hoodies will promote the name or logo of the school or university – this can be a fun and attention grabbing branding method.


5.   More than anything, they are the perfect celebration

Signifying the end of a very important chapter in our lives, Leavers Hoodies are not only warm, practical and adaptable, they make the perfect keepsake. Reminisce in comfort and style – Leavers Hoodies can be cherished for a lifetime!


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