EZtrans Techniprint 4.0™ Laserjet Paper

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EZtrans Techniprint 4.0™ Laserjet Paper

EZtrans Techniprint 4.0™ Laserjet Paper - EZ201

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Product Information

  • Transfer paper best used on tight jersey knit fabrics.
  • Suitable to print from any LaserJet printer, subject to instructions supplied.
  • Suitable for white or pastel colours and also suitable for denim and canvas materials.
  • Sold in packs of 100 sheets.
  • Packs are non-returnable (samples can be provided if required).

Colours available

- Click colour for prices and available sizes

Prices for Paper

These prices are for plain garments only. If you would like a price including print or embroidery then please click the quote button above.

Size Guide:


Please be aware that not all sizes are necessarily available in all colours. Click on a colour, above, to view prices and available sizes.

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