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The search function is inclusive in that it shows results that match for any of your search terms and the ones that match the most terms appear higher up. So Polo Shirt will show all results for Polo and Shirt with the ones that match both being shown first.
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Yes you can. Just type in all or part of the code into the search box and we will find it for you!

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Don't forget that different brands sometimes use different terms for the same thing. Some may use 'Ladies' for their womenswear while others use 'Lady Fit'. Similarly, sports garments can be called 'Performance', 'Active' or 'Sports'. If you can't find what you want then you might have some success with different terms.
You can also search by brand name to see how that company is describing their garments.

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The best thing to do is to have a browse through our Catalogue or to contact us here and we will be able to assist.