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  • Focus on: Gildan T-Shirts

    Focus on: Gildan T-Shirts – 100% Cotton Welcome to the first in a short series of articles on some of the major brands that make up the Revolution Shirts catalogue. Today we are taking a look at the 100% cotton Gildan T-Shirts available from Gildan Activewear. You can click on any of the product images in this […]

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  • Colour Psychology – A Marketing Goldmine?

    Introduction to Colour in Marketing Within the Business world, the use of colour can evoke either positive or negative feelings. Therefore, successful marketing must incorporate colour to maximise its effectiveness. Take the golden yellow McDonald’s M: the colour yellow signifies happiness, optimism and cheerfulness – an image that the company most likely wishes to epitomise. […]

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  • Corporate gifts at Christmas

    Personalised corporate gifts from Revolution As the first person to give corporate gifts, Jasper Freemont Meek hit upon the idea in 1886 when his newspaper’s printing press was left idle between editions. Meek approached his retailer friend with the idea of printing his business’s name (Cantwell Shoes) on free book bags for children – so the […]

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  • Why Use Promotional Products for Your Marketing Strategies?

    Promotional products are powerful advertising tools for companies, events or organisations. They are also used to communicate messages and goodwill reminders. Benefits of Promotional Products Branding Promotional products increase brand awareness. Studies show that 6% of people who receive promotional products remember the names of the companies that sent them. The use of promotional products […]

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  • 5 Reasons to Love Hoodies

      Aside from custom T-shirts, Revolution Shirts also offers quality hoodies in different colours and styles. We also provide screen printing services that are ideal for customising purposes.  Here are some reasons why people love to wear hoodies: 1. Warmth Hoodies are warmer so they are perfect for the winter months. Rotate them with custom […]